The Campus Ministry of Holy Trinity University is an apostolate of service that seeks and serves to form and produce truly evangelized members of the Trinitian Community outside classroom settings, thus complementing the curricular Religious Education Program of the University, through the following: liturgical and sacramental celebrations, spiritual exercises, biblical formation, social apostolate, and missionary participation.

The University Campus Ministry envisions a Christian community in the University empowered by the word and living out the Gospel values in the light of the Dominican Spirituality and oriented to services in the local church. 

 The HTU Campus Ministry spearheads in making the OP – Siena identity and its spirituality known and lived by the members of the Community, working primarily in the formation of small communities improvement of the word and promotion of OP – Siena vocations. 

The members of the HTU Campus Ministry Team are committed to lead others to

- Proclaim Christ and His Teachings.

- Develops more mature and authentic Christians,

- Build a worshipping community of praose and thanksgiving,

- Play the role of spokesman for the moral religious, and spiritual Interest and integrity of the whole of Holy Trinity University Community, and

- Provide the necessary human and material resources through The Catechetical Center.



The University Campus Ministry intends to form basic Christian Communities in the University in the Spirit of the Dominican Spirituality where people grow in inner freedom and responsible through:

- Active participation in and appreciation of the various Liturgical celebrations and pastoral activities;

- Regular faith sharing, seminar workshops recollection and Retreats and other related religious activities;

- Analysis of social concerns and issues affecting the Trinitian Community and responding to them in appropriate ways;


- Being in solidarity with the poor through personal involvement in outreach activities.




A classroom –based academic program which provides the fundamental initiation, learning, and understanding of School, High School, Collegiate and Graduate Departments and the whole HTU Community.



A Christian animation program which promotes and provides the experience, practice, and support of a life that incarnates Christian Faith among the total HTU Community.



A Liturgical and para-liturgical program which promotes and provides for the expression and nourishment of Christian life of HTU Community specifically, their Union with Christ.



The role of spokesman for the moral, religious, and spiritual interest and integrity of the whole HTU Community.