Research and Development Center has been created to strengthen the research program of the institution. It is in this center whereby the Vice-President for Research Development and Extension together with the Directors for Academic Research, Business Resource and Linkages, Palawan Ethno-Environmental Researches and the Coordinator for Community Extension hold office. Through coordination, the center is conceptualized to centralize research activities undertaken by the different colleges and departments/unit of the university in order to give the researchers unified and clear direction maximizing the resources of the institution in the conduct of the studies, and to ensure quality and relevance.

To ensure the continuing linkage of the University with its alumni, the University has maintained an Alumni Affairs and Job Placement Office under the Office of the President. Upon graduation all students are required to continually get in touch with their Alma Mater by furnishing updated information online or by visiting the Office of Alumni Affairs and Job Placement.

 Each College includes in its annual plan undertaking involving the alumni. It is expected to collaborate with the College Department – based on alumni batches for the conduct of co-curricular and extracurricular activities with faculty, staff and students.