1.     Submit the following requirements to the Registrar’s Office:

- Photocopy of Birth Certificate ( NSO Copy )

- Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate

- Original Copy of Form 138 ( Report Card )

- Certificate of Good Moral Character

- Passport size ID Picture ( 2 pieces )

- Transcript of Records / Class Card ( Xerox )

- Transfer Credentials ( For Transferees )

- Medical Certificate ( HTU-Clinic )

- X-ray & Hepatitis Test ( BSHRM & BSN )

- RLE ( Related Learning Experience ) Records ( BSN Transferees )

- Alien Certificate of Registration ( ACR ) for foreign Student only

2.     Pay Php 250.00 for admission fee at the Accounting Office and present the receipt at the Guidance and Testing Center.

3.     Proceed to Guidance Office for the schedule of examination / interview:

           3.a No examination for Highschool graduates of Holy Trinity University. Proceed to step #4.

           3.b Take the Entrance Test as scheduled (Note: Bring the permit together with the receipt).

4.     Entrance Test Results will be released at the Guidance and Testing Center considering all the requirements are submitted.

5.     Fill out the Cumulative Record Folder at the Guidance and Testing Center.

6.     Proceed to the Deans for final the interview, get enrollment form, advising, tallying and evaluating of subjects to be enrolled and assessment of fees.

7.     Proceed to the Accounting Office for the payment of tuition and other fees.

8.     Proceed to the MIS office for School ID Picture.

9.     Proceed to Registrar’s Office and submit the Registrar’s copy of the enrollment form and secure class cards.